The Office

Office highly specialized in criminal law.

The history of the BIALSKI ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS law firm is based on the transition of the economic and political scenario in Brazil over the last five decades, closely following the evolution of Criminal Law.

The office was founded in 1964, when lawyer Helio Bialski, at Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, began to devote himself exclusively to the practice of criminal law. In 1988/1992 his son, Daniel Leon Bialski, already in the university, begins to advise him as trainee – and right arm – and, in 1996, becomes member in the then office HELIO BIALSKI – Advogados Associados.

In 2006, they changed their corporate name to BIALSKI ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS and, in order to better accommodate the needs of their clients, the office transferred its headquarters to the current address in the Itaim-Bibi neighborhood, with a modern structure.

Nowadays, inspired by the passion and dedication of the eternal patron HELIO BIALSKI, the office has a team of highly experienced professionals, always aligned with the new trends in criminal law.

In addition to the notoriety in the defense of public servants accused of committing illicit acts, the bank is recognized for its combative actions directed at economic criminal law, in cases related to financial crimes, such as money laundering; currency avoidance; tax offenses; anticompetitive and also against consumer relations, as well as legal assistance in criminal matters to domestic and foreign companies, thus becoming a model to be followed in its field of activity.

The bank has works of reference before the most diverse forums and courts of the Country, with special and recognized performance in the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo, acquiring, therefore, great respectability due to the success obtained in the solution of their demands and for his extremely dedicated, combative and ethical conduct.